We offer free services which include personalized and extended phone consultations, as well as resource referrals.


Free Services to Those in Need

illustrationWe are here to help you!
Senior Medi-Benefits receives individual donations from the public, and limited foundation grants so that we are able to offer many Free Services such as personalized and extended phone consultations, as well as resource referrals.

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Here is a glimpse of how we help the community in need, very often free of charge:

1. Provide assistance filling out applications to low income persons needing In Home Care

In 2012 more assisted living facilities began providing a la carte services with a la carte fees. At admission, one can start with a low entry fee rapidly increasing to unaffordable costs.

Residents in this position will be returning home and needing to apply for Medi-Cal home care. Senior Medi-Benefits can provide help with the application process using allocated funds for low income individuals applying to the In Home Support Service Program.

2. Give in-depth consultations identifying caller needs: 30 to 45 minutes at no cost.

  • Informing families about Medi-Cal eligibility guidelines concerning: countable assets, exempt assets, and income limits for Medi-Cal general assistance and long term care

  • Analyzing financial positions of the disadvantaged

  • Clarifying available VA programs and eligibility requirements

  • Evaluating clients health benefits, or lack thereof

3. Recommend the following services to those in need:

  • Regional community social workers

  • Case managers

  • Legal services when required

Please do not hesitate to call us! We are here to help YOU!

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