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Assisting Families

Senior Medi-Benefits pledges to stay current on Medi-Cal Long Term Care regulatory issues. The goal for families and clients is always to stay off of benefits programs whenever possible. We bring in knowledge bases from most surrounding issues, such as legal, tax, finance, veteran's benefits, and other areas of need. Most of our clients are trying to get Long Term Care Medi-Cal benefits, which is a small subset of the overall Medi-Cal program.

These are a few specific things we excel in for our clients:

Medi-Cal Immediate Need
During a catastrophic moment which turns into a long term situation we will act as your partner and will:
  • Provide family consultations and evaluations

  • Advise you how to comply with the stringent eligibility requirements

  • Attain Medi-Cal benefits for nursing home care, if required

Spend Down Guidance
If required, we will advise you how to convert your money and assets within property resource limits in accordance to current state guidelines. Our advice results in 100% success rate for attaining Medi-Cal eligibility.

Working with People
Over twenty-seven years experience working with frail elderly, their families, older adults, and disabled has given us insight into some of the new complexities of getting older and the toll it takes. We work closely with our clients throughout the process, helping you make key decisions, and keeping you informed as the case moves forward. Our clients are our partners.

Providing Answers
Our mission is to provide timely and actionable intelligence so you can make informed decisions. Many of your key needs and questions revolve around health care and financial considerations. With our advice we can assist and guide you through a set of corresponding complexities pivoting around legal, insurance and tax issues. Long term care does not have to deplete your estate.

Problem Solving
If you have already gotten yourself in a bind, we will use our experience and knowledge to untangle and solve your problem.

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