Types of Care
The New Needs


Skilled Nursing Facility
The average private pay rate in California for custodial skilled nursing care is between $6,000 to $10,000 monthly. The rate for a private room can be as high as $12,000 to $15,000. Medi-Cal for long term care will cover daily rates for skilled nursing care, after the recipient pays the share of cost (income received minus $35).

Assisted Living
This level of care is considered one step down from custodial skilled nursing care. Individuals entering this level of care usually start with a base rate at $3,000 which can later escalate to $5,000 monthly when using the "A La Carte" menu, meaning as needs increase so does the monthly fee.

For Alzheimer's and dementia patients, doctors will often recommend assisted living facilities specializing in dementia care. Costs at this level usually match skilled nursing fees. Some long term care policies will cover this type of care, however with elimination periods and other restrictions. Medi-Cal does not cover assisted living room rates.

Board & Care
Costs range from $1500-$3500. It is a largely unregulated industry with a wide variety of care quality. Medi-Cal does not cover the room rate for Board & Care.

At Home Care
Caring for an individual at home is almost always the first choice for families. When the primary caregiver is a family member the costs are small in terms of dollars but high in the emotional toll.

Private paying for home care can become expensive, depending on how many hours needed and where the person lives in California. Hourly care rates will range from $18/hour to $25/hour. The Medi-Cal IHSS program, currently operating on a federal government waiver, provides a low hourly pay rate - for up to 283 hours monthly - if the individual is medically needy and qualifies financially.


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