Lean on Us!
Let Senior
Medi-Benefits take the weight off your shoulders.


....... LEAN ON US
In a tough situation? Where do you start?
Senior Medi-Benefits can be your source for now and future needs as they arise.

The solution begins with an initial phone call or face-to-face meeting with you. A free consultation is provided where we learn the key issues you are facing. The consultation includes a general assessment of needs and a brief discussion of the options available.

Every case is different. Every solution is customized. We work in the most intelligent, efficient, and ethical manner.

When You Become a Client
When you become a client the initial discussions are used as a springboard to make good future decisions and actions. We will help by creating a case outline with your clinical, financial and legal needs. As the expected situations arise, we will already have prepared the answers and decisions.

The Lean On Us service is similar to a case management service. As a client you will have ongoing calling privileges as situations come to reality. Situations such as suggesting benefit programs, answering health insurance questions, resolving financial issues, and referring appropriate attorneys for legal needs.

We can help you with decisions choosing types of care. For example, staying at home and paying for care or paying for placement in an assisted living facility with or without dementia care.

We are there for you during your difficult decision making time, advising and preparing you.

So if you have a tough situation... lean on us over time!


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