A letter making a claim on the available family assets can be a terrifying moment for someone still grieving over the loss of a loved one.


life saverHow we can help you! If you want to prevent recovery of your assets, or if you have a claims letter from the State, and you don't know what to do, call us!

Medi-Cal is a unique program, because when a person uses his or her Medi-Cal card for health care services, all the costs are tabulated and accounted for at the state level, repayable at a future date in certain circumstances.

Following is an example of an actual claim's letter from the California State Recovery Unit. Senior Medi-Benefits interceded in behalf of our client by successfully dismissing the claim!

Claim for $206,229.02!
Actual cut of a client's estate claim letter from the State Recovery Unit (names redacted). Amount represents Medi-Cal dollars spent.

In one way of thinking, the State is loaning the money to the person for health care, and will ask for the money back at the time of death!

Because the claimant's family had previously employed the services of Senior Medi-Benefits, we had the decedent's file assisting us with the dismissal.

Claim Dismissed!
Expertise, knowledge, maneuvering bureaucracy enhances Senior Medi-Benefits' ability to reach out and get positive results for you.

Senior Medi-Benefits had to document and prove to the State the decedent had no legal interest or right in any property. There was no Estate!

We were able to stop the claim by proving what was done beforehand. The heirs were relieved of a threatening financial burden.

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