Be aware that you must think of your home as a loan from the State of California.


life saver
Medi-Cal homeowners! You need to understand about protecting your home from the State of California Estate Recovery Unit after you are deceased. Don't think that a Revocable Living Trust or Life Estate can prevent the State from placing a claim on any real or personal property where you have a legal interest or right. You need to know that seeking reimbursement from your estate for all medical and long term care expenses incurred by you is the primary purpose of the Recovery Unit.

As a recipient, you must understand while you are living, your home is not a countable asset. It is an exempt property no matter what the value. You must think of it as a loan from the State of California.

How do you avoid this predicament?
You need to call Senior Medi-Benefits to guide you and refer you to attorneys or legal aide services knowledgeable in Medi-Cal law.

The following suggestions are for guidance only:
(Senior Medi-Benefits is not a law firm and cannot give legal advice.)
  • Power of Attorney with the agent having a right to gift to oneself

  • Create an Irrevocable Trust


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